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Thank you so much for my reading Llyle! It’s funny, whenever I have a reading I always seem to hear the same thing “I feel unsure, unbalanced” and this is 100% true. I always seem to have that feeling as though there has to be something more to life, it always feels as though something is missing. I have decided to study and believe this is where a lot of my fears etc are related. Like you said “I want to know the outcome”. I’m always saying to myself, I hope I can finish this course, I hope I don’t fail, I hope I like what I’m doing in the end” and I feel as though I’m finally on the right track and doing something that I should be and don’t feel so empty and confused at this point. Not as much as I did before. So your reading is very spot on with me! Thank you so much. I know patience is what is needed here however I’m not always so patient unfortunately and always looking for answers. I really appreciate the reading!



Thank you Llyle. The reading has many areas that resonate with me and on my mind. I am craving an understanding of my life purpose, why are we here, why things happen and death which is guiding me to more independence, growth and grounding.I am working on new techniques for better health (EFT, Hypnosis). I am drawn to the Law of Attraction - learning the techniques by listening to audible books, setting goals, journalling (received my first LOA journal in the mail yesterday). I am considering purchasing an investment property, aimed at helping a family member who is currently living in our shed, however still an investment as they will pay rent. I consider myself to be the traditional type and am at the age of wanting stability both financially and physically. Thank you and bless you.




Thank you Llyle Wentworth for the reading it was good to have some insight your amazing thank you.




My reading was amazing. #LlyleWentworth was extremely well connected to my situation and very professional. I got so much out of my read that it felt like llyle had physically been with me these last few days because so many things that came up was exactly how the events occurred. I would highly recommend Llyle to anyone as I feel so much more at ease with my current situation and her really helped me to be ok with the decision I made. Thanks so much #llylewentworth I can't thank U enough.



Just had a fantastic reading from Llyle Wentworth, amazingly accurate with the information I received, even down to certain particulars not to many people know. I recommend a reading with Llyle.  Thanks again Llyle for your fabulous reading. Merry Christmas.



Thank you so much Llyle for your read. I'm sorry its taken a day to respond. I have read it a few times and I wanted to let it all sink it before I wrote to you.

To be honest, I didn't feel like I could relate to your read initially. But it hit me this morning just how accurate some aspects of it are to my life.

My family is going through a huge change at the moment that is going to affect all of us and I generally have a tendencies to jump into decision head first, without really considering other options/consequences.

You have given me some peace and alot to think about. I really appreciate your time. Thank you.



Hi Llyle...thankyou for the read  Yes I do work in a caring capacity and I am going through a time of new beginnings in my life and do have a decision I need to make but have been putting it off. Thank you again for the read and insights as everything you said makes sense of where I am at the moment. 




Thank you so very very much for your reading! It was so funny to read your comment on my traditional views & wish to get married as my partner of 6 years & I have only just finally decided on a wedding date . I have also recently had concerning & upsetting news regarding the future loss of my job, however I’m surprisingly feeling quite optimistic of my future potential opportunities for myself and the business I have with my partner 




Llyle Wentworth thank you so much. This reading does resonate with me and sounds both positive and promising. Thank you for your time and energy.